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The Sh. F. was founded for the purpose of providing radical Jews with a outlet for both self-love and political action.   We are tired of sleeping on issues of self and politics.  This is the reason the name of our party translates to the Insomnia Union.  It is our belief one way we can derive the strength to fight for a better society for all humanity is from self-love .    We feel that Jewishness and Humanity (מענטשלעכקײט) complement each other.  As the great Diaspora Nationalist Chaim Zhitlovsky famously wrote:

װאָס מער אַ מעטנש, אַלץ מער אַ ייִד, און װאָס מער אַ ייִד, אַלץ מער אַ מענטש

“The more a man, the more a Jew, the more a Jew, the more a man”


Just below the header of this page are links to several pages that have important information relating to the party.  Below is a summary of each page:

The Program of the Insomnia Union-  פּראָגראַם

Missions, leaflets, petition – קאָמאַנדירונגען

Our stances on several current issues – קאַמפֿפּונקטן

The First Ammendment – ערשט אַמענדירונג

 A little background on the Yiddish language – װעגן אונדזער לשון

 An essay on the concept of Yiddishland-ייִדישלאַנד

An essay on transliterated Yiddish – קעגן שרײַבן ייִדיש מיט גױיִש אותיות

Grammar policy – גראַמאַטיק

Links to important readings – !לײען

Yiddish typewriter – שרײַבערקע

Pictures – בילדער

News – נײַעס